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Our team to support you

Our team is like MaFrance: bi-cultural, pragmatic and passionate .

We combine expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing, technology and logistics to make you succeed.


Based in France and China , we are both as close as possible to French brands and Chinese customers.

This dual location allows privileged support for French companies, total efficiency in operations and unprecedented responsiveness in a constantly evolving market.  


We are all committed to the same goal: to make you succeed in China .

Florence Poulet 朴 蕾
Founder President

A whole life devoted to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Driven by the mission of promoting French excellence abroad, Florence  created MaFrance to help businesses

for sale  easily and efficiently in China.

Expert in Internet of Things (IoT) and geolocation technologies, Florence has developed solutions for tracing and authenticating goods in an international context.

She has filed several patents.


#traceability #authentication #digitalization

Favorite Made in France

The Arc de Triomphe, symbol of peace and fraternity

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Benoit Drigny

General manager 

Company founder from Dijon,

city of Burgundy wines and gastronomy.

Benoit joined a large French group very early on to ensure the development of innovation and international operations in Asia, Africa and the United States for 35 years.


Benoit joined MaFrance in 2019.

He is in charge of management and logistics.


#digital transformation #operationalperformance  

Favorite Made in France

A moment of relaxation on the terrace of a café

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Yves guilloux  

Sales director 

Graduated from a business school where he made his first trip to China in 1987 as a student.


Yves has since lived between Asia (Hong Kong and Bangkok) and France, always as an entrepreneur.


He likes to find or develop products to market them.

Entrepreneur in the field of travel retail, he specializes in the luxury sector, and particularly

in the delicatessen and wine spirits.


At MaFrance, Yves is responsible for purchasing and negotiating with suppliers and partner manufacturers.


#fine food - # wine & spirits - #travel retail

Favorite Made in France

Oysters in Brittany, facing the sea ...

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Jia Yao 姚 佳 

China Export Director

Of Chinese origin, in France for 18 years.

Expert in the fashion and beauty sectors, Jia has contributed to the development of several cosmetic brands in France and Asia. Consultant, she is a specialist in digital marketing and CRM.

Jia graduated with a Master in Management, Marketing and Diffusion

French products abroad, with a specialization in fashion management.

Trilingual, Jia speaks French, English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).

A nugget finder, Jia is responsible for selecting brands with high potential in China and supporting them in their strategy.


#frenchmode #ecommerce #CRM

Favorite Made in France

Silk scarf

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Jia 2.jpg

Kai Kang 康 恺 

Media Director

Of Chinese origin, for 10 years between France, Germany and China.

Kai has a wealth of media background and experience as a director of renowned corporate events. He has worked with Phoenix Satellite Television, Shanghai Media Group, Mandarin TV, Citroën France, China Eastern Airlines, China Construction Bank, etc.

Kai is a graduate of the Shandong University of the Arts, the Berlin University of the Arts and the Nord-Pas-de Calais School of Art.  


Kai is in charge of media content creation and operations.


# media #events #marketpland

Favorite Made in France


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Kai 2.jpg

Linshuang Cao 曹 琳 爽

E-commerce manager

Of Chinese origin, for 7 years in France


Linshuang loves French life, art and fashion, and

came to France to study.


Linshaung chose to live and work in France.


Linshuang has a first experience in management and international logistics attached to online sales, especially in the field of beauty and health products.

Linshuang is enthusiastic about the idea of building a bridge that allows French elegance to enter everyone's life.


#export #crossborder #internet

Favorite Made in France

Beret & refined chocolates

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Floriane Lemieux 芙丽安 

Head of operations in France - Logistics & Transport

For 3 years between Shanghai, Beijing and Paris.  

Floriane began her professional experience in consulting.

She has supported French companies

in their digital growth strategy and for the launch of new brands in e-commerce.  

Floriane is a graduate of HEC Paris and will be a graduate of  Tsinghua  School of Economics and Management  in 2021. She obtained HSK 3 from the Confucius Institute.


Floriane is in charge of  sourcing of French suppliers  and accompany them  in their business strategy in China.  


#igitalgrowth #culturalbridge # strategy

Favorite Made in France

Pink macaroon and lychee

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We are always on the lookout for talent.

Join us ! 

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